Research-proven AjiPro®-L offers a simpler and more economical way to fulfill the lysine requirement of high-producing dairy cows.

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About Us

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition North America, Inc. is the front runner in amino acid nutritional research and technical expertise in North America. It manufactures and distributes cost-effective, feed-grade, rumen protected lysine for ruminants.

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition North America, Inc. is one of five companies affiliated with the Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Group.

Mission Statement

To contribute to improving animal nutrition in North America by expanding the supply of high-quality products and services; to pioneer innovative solutions based on our amino acid production technologies and nutrition expertise; to fully satisfy our customers’ growing requirement for safe, efficient, and sustainable products; and to contribute to the well being of our customers, employees, and the communities in which we live.