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2011. Feedstuffs. Blood meal variability affects dairy performance.

2013. Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition North America, Inc., Announces the construction of a new plant to produce AjiPro®-L, a rumen protected lysine product, at its Iowa industrial site.

2014. Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition North America, Inc., Introduces a more concentrated AjiPro®-L rumen protected lysine.

2015. Progressive Dairyman. Essential Amino Acids

2015. Progressive Dairyman. Consider the source when supplementing lysine

2015. Progressive Dairyman. Increasing nutrition precision by focusing on amino acids

2015. Progressive Dairyman. Amino acid-balancing questions and answers

2015. Progressive Dairyman. Herd Management and Amino Acid Balancing

2015. Feedstuffs. First steps to amino acid balancing best practices

2015. Progressive Dairyman. Insights on transition and milk production

2016. Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition North America, Inc. Refines AjiPro®-L  Smaller particle size, more metabolizable lysine

2016. Progressive Dairyman. Better before bigger

2016. Progressive Dairyman. Practical insights from on-farm amino acid work

2017. Progressive Dairyman. What we know about histidine and what we don't know

2017. Progressive Dairyman. Nutrition profile for a high-performing Wisconsin herd

2017. Wisconsin State Farmer. On-Farm Feed Diagnostics

2017. Dairy Herd Management. 10 Must-Dos for Transition Cows

2018. Progressive Dairyman. Don’t get tied up by amino acid deficiencies

2018. Progressive Dairyman. Grouping Strategies to efficiently utilize ration nutrients